a present cut and past print

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As I’ve been sharing a bit about how I got into printing, I thought it might be a great opportunity to showcase a couple of prints I did in the late 1980s to get those juice buds flowing! This also gives me time to cut some lino, some paper, sort some ink and clear up the work station which has up to now been used as a storage for wood and a rather unwelcome cobweb forest above my head! I’m currently using the side yard of our house – a covered walk way with a few cupboards and shelving, plus worktops along one side of the space next to the wall.

I’ve managed to find a cutting board that my husband made while my daughter was studying A level Art five years ago. Wow! Was it really that long ago? As you can see, I’m already putting it to good use.


The image I’ve sketched out and cut is from one of my favourite paintings by Friedrich, called The Wanderer above the Mists. I love the idea of silhouettes and how you can have a very dramatic background of colours such as a stained glass window with the sun coming through or a setting sun.

The reason I’m showing you the above work-in-progress is because it fits well with this example print I made in the 1980s:
This is the printing plate, cut from cardboard. Each section carefully scored and peeled away from the backing.

Here is the result from using a card based printing plate:

and in colour:


It’s been refreshing sifting through my old printing portfolio, which I’ve kept in the loft for years. I’ve brought it out on several occasions to inspire my children with their own art projects and also to encourage my youngest who as yet finds it bemusing to have to keep a journal/portfolio to show ideas and progression for projects at school. I think I’m succeeding in helping her see the benefits and no ideas are wasted, even if you don’t use them straight away! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “a present cut and past print

  1. bet your husband is pleased the cutting board is being put to use again, especially to make such gorgeous designs. I also love silhouettes in artwork so will be excited to see what you will be creating πŸ™‚


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