A garden gnome lino cut

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This week I made a comment to a fellow bigger that a garden gnome would lose his beard if he witnessed my gardening skills.  He’d be horrified!  As my blogger pal thought this was funny, she inspired me to consider making a lino cut.   I have a friend who paints gnomes and sell them and one of my favourite movies is the animation: Gnomeo and Juliet.  So, I decided to make a miniature lino cut of a gnome as a) my friend might be able to use the stamps on the bags she puts her commissions in (the painted gnomes) and b) I wanted to challenge myself on working on a 1.5 inch disc of lino.  This gnome is small.  


This is the pencil outline of my gnome.


This is the gnome cut out using a cutter with the number 1 on it (so my most narrow one for fine designs)


Here is the stamp inked up and ready to print.  I wonder how it’s going to turn out?



Well, here are seven imprints from my mini lino cut.  They look like the seven dwarves, don’t you think?   Rather charming at only 1.5 inches across 🙂


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