The cat print and layering

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In printing we use the term ‘hicky’ when quality-controlling prints. The term refers to a blotch or imperfection found in the print and transferred via the roller of a lithographic printing press – basically when something has landed in the ink and created an unwanted impression. I can explain this a bit clearer on one of the example prints below. A few of the pepper seeds got caught up in the ink and on my roller from an earlier print. When I came to do a print from the lino over the top of my pepper gelliprint I could see the spots left by the seeds and some seeds still stuck in the paper. Obviously this could have been deliberate or intentional, however I didn’t want this effect on the cat print. Maybe you prefer it? Everyone’s taste is different. I’m glad it only occurred on one of them!

The first impression from the lino came out like this, using white acrylic on brown card:


I then played around with layers of colour using the gelliplate then overlaying the black inked lino



And here is a close up of that unwanted seed from the pepper:




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