Free Giveaway 5,000+ blog hits!!!


An exciting free giveaway! Enteries being accepted from Monday 18th August until midnight Friday 22nd August 🙂

Squarebird 2014 Craft A Day

Thank yoy, thank you thank you to everyone who has visited my blog since it began in January 2014. Now, with over 5,000 hits I’m offering a special free giveaway. Yay!

This is a little different. I am offering fellow bloggers an original limited edition lino print and sketch of their pet as the prize. Please post below this blog post an amusing story, of your pet you would like me to use, the pet’s name and then email me a clear photograph of your pet that you don’t mind me putting on this blog in a gallery and I will select one using a random generator.
This is my stats I woke up to after a long day out yesterday!


Here is an example:
My kitten is a white spotted tabby and she’s called Nikon. She has a habit of sleeping on our shoes and playing in my OHs…

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