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Hi everyone! For those of you who are new to Gelli printing, I thought I’d share with you a technique that enables you to create textured prints with minimal effort and using basic equipment. Most Gelliprinters talk about printing with acrylics, but I actually love printing with watercolour and I’m going to tell you why in this blog as part of the October Gelli blog Hop, which kicked off by organiser and Gelli enthusiast, Michelle Reynolds.
Wednesday 15th Oct Michelle Reynolds
Thursday 16th Oct Joanna Grant
Friday 17th Oct Jacques Williamos
Saturday 18th Oct Linda Stokes
Sunday 19th Oct Phillippa Montier
Monday 20th Oct Lauri Crowe
Tuesday 21st Oct Gail Schmidt
Wednesday 22nd Oct Tami Sturm Howes

I belong to a Facebook group called Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts – a growing community of fantastic, creative people who just love printing with the Gelli.

So, why do I like using watercolours? The tubed variety obviously comes in gorgeous colours, but they blend easily and react differently on the plate. I have deliberately incorporated the speckled effect of watercolour by applying water to the plate to dilute the paint and then using the brayer to distribute it. I then allow the paint to settle and separate into areas of dots.


I started on the lion picture by applying the lighter colours first and building it up layer by layer.
A mask was cut out in the rough shape of a lion’s face. I’ve used this technique with the birds I’ve shown on this blog and most recently with the turtle. The mask blogs out any areas I don’t want that colour to appear on.

A screwed up piece of paper was the dabbed over the entire surface to create another texture and give some movement in the background.


Gradually the layers were built up enough to show an outline from the mask so that I could apply inks, coffee syrup and watercolour paint using an aqua brush pen (these are amazing as you can add water or paint, coffee syrup, ink to the reservoir of the pen handle). I love them!


When I was happy with the result of the lion and the paint was dry, I reapplied the mask over the image of the lion; added two bands of colour to my Gelli plate (Prussian blue, white, yellow ocre).

Again, I waited for the paint to separate slightly to create a natural texture.

The fact that some of my drawing was covered by the reapplied paint from the Gelli adds to the effect (a bit like when using a screen print). So this picture has five layers on it and if you run your finger over the finished print, there are raised areas.

Now to my free giveaway:
I am offering one lucky person the chance to win a turtle Gelliprint OR the lion I’ve show today. To enter, please comment below either ‘Lion’ or ‘Turtle’. I will select the winner next Friday. Good luck 🙂



42 thoughts on “The October Gelli Blog Hop

  1. Oh my goodness ….. who knew what amazing things can be done with watercolor on a geliplate. This is AMAZING! I wish there was a video of this. What incredible results. I love both but am really drawn to the LION. Your work is totally incredible! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. I think both are wonderful. I’ve not tried watercolors before on the plate, other than to use very watered down acrylics as a background. You have inspired me to try something different.


  3. I am stunned again by your amazing prints. I not sure I understand how you achieve them even with your great instructions but I sure am attracted to all your prints. My favourites are the birds but between the lion and the turtle I am a turtle girl


    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Please message me if you have any questions about my technique 🙂 I like the birds too, but they are going in a book on this occasion, but keep popping back as I may well do another giveaway soon with a new bird 🙂


  4. GAH! I’m TERRIBLE at making decisions. lol They’re both amazing and UNIQUE! I never realized watercolors could be used on a Gelli plate. I know I have an old box set of them around here somewhere, I have to try this. Allllllll kinds of ideas rolling around my noggin now. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, yeah…..I delegated the decision to my daughter and she said TURTLE. lol


    1. Lol! I used watercolours because I ran out of acrylics! Everyday I discover something new I can do with the Gelli. Glad you found some inspiration here and thanks so much for entering 🙂


  5. Seems like it’s time for someone who is hugely enamoured by all your amazing work to vote for the Lion, they are both wonderful Jacques. I’m a watch and learn, learner so I will have to read this over and over to get it! Had a few goes with one layer and a make do gelli pad. It’s on my Christmas list. Hugs x


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