Daily Post photo prompt ‘Textures’ and ‘Art-Drop-Day’

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There are two links to share with you today: one is http://mrjakeparker.com/art-drop-day
I think this is a fabulous idea having taken part in the Be Creative ATC mystery card drop. Although I never knew what happened to my card, some others from the group had their ones found and recorded on Myfanwy’s special page. Some left ATC (artist trading cards) in very public places including inside craft books at a book store. I’d like to take part in the art-drop-day by leaving one of my limited edition prints somewhere to be found. As bloggers who have been reading this new blog know, I am passionate about printing and enjoy working with lino and textures and drawing into the ink on my gelli-plate :-). I hope you’re enjoying what you see so far on this blog; I will be exploring on here the other types of printing plates including woodblock printing, rubber stamping, intaglio, polyprinting and presenting you with some simple stencil outlines so you can have a go yourself! 🙂

This brings me on to the Daily Post prompt for this week, Textures:


My OH has promised he will make me an A3 screen printing frame for my workshop. In the meantime, here is my contribution for this prompt illustrated in a series of photographs of preliminary works of pencil sharpening, a litho print I did a while ago of an apple and the layering involved on my A2 screen print to illustrate decomposition:

There is a raised surface left by the crayon and I love how the curves left from the sharpenings contrast with the smooth lines of the sharpener.



20140809-082329-30209727.jpg I then did a study of the process of peeling an apple and produced a litho print from it in preparation for a final screen print using colours. Obviously the more colours and layers of ink you put on, the textures increase as you can feel the overlaps of ink 🙂


20140809-082521-30321600.jpg The lightest colour is applied first on a screen print. I am just going to show you the first and final result.



Walk like a dinosaur …

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Dinosaurs have been the topic of conversation today … and Scooby Doo! A colleague leaving work today is off to celebrate her birthday in the next few days and we stumbled upon dinosaurs as she was browsing through my sketchbook (I was doodling Betty Boo during my lunchbreak while sipping a tomato soup) and she asked if I drew dinosaurs. Well I thought, I’ll give it a go, but I went a step further and made a lino print for her 🙂

Now, I know not everyone has their own printing press, so I thought you might like to get your own hands covered in black ink and have a go at your own monoprints or lino cuts using things lying around your house that won’t cost too much. For example, you may have had linoleum put in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have offcuts from this, you could make a start on a lino cut. Over the next week or so, I’ll post some simple patterns which you could use to get you started, but I’m sure you could also find inspiration like I have done from objects found nearby as we are surrounded by shapes and patterns in fabrics, crockery, picture frames and so on that provide fantastic basis for designing.

On this occasion, I’ve used a terracotta piece of lino that came in a pack. This tends to crumble and creates powder, which means more clearing up compared to the white soft lino I’ve shown you with the gnome, dandelion and the houses in earlier posts.

As it’s dark outside and my side yard workshop doesn’t have electricity, I’ve done the prints indoors using a rolling pin (chased by my kitten) to press down on the gelli-plate or lino against the paper to create impressions and prints. Meanwhile, my husband has been busy working on my proper workshop space – transforming a garden shed (I’m so excited and he couldn’t wait to show my what he’d done while I was at work).

This is the sketched outline of my dinosaur, a stegosaurus 🙂

Cutting the lino using lino tools (which aren’t that expensive to buy). I used the same gauged tool throughout, but if I were creating an even bigger print, I would interchange the heads according to how much I planned to cut away.



I then played around with various acrylic colours on my gelliplate and added a few dandelions to provide a bit of texture.



Next I made several prints just using the dinosaur lino cut before putting the lino over a monoprint created from a gelliplate




All I’m going to add now is go and have fun. Try different textures and templates out and see what results you get. Some results may surprise you; some you might not like and some, I can assure you, you will love 🙂

Dog stamp and dandelion stamps

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It’s an ex-colleague’s birthday and she has a dog that recently had an operation, so I crafted a lino cut, again 1.5 inches across to make her a token card. I experimented with adding a plain circle stamp to the page first, then applying the blackened lino cut over the top to create a sort of cameo.



Then I started playing around with pressing the lino into the Gelli-plate and then inking the stamp up and laying that directly on to the card to achieve different effects with the dog image being reversed.



Gelatin Plate Printing … Cows

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Cows. I like them. I think of the brown ones that swish their tails to bat away the flies. I think of the black and white ones that laze in the sun and twitch their ears, often decorated with yellow plastic tags: an animal equivalent earring.

I’ve made a cow print using the side of my hand, finger tips and palm and I’ve drawn these onto a Gelli-plate using cotton buds. The sketch illustrates what the cow looked like to start with …





Gelli Plate, Gelli Plate, wibble wobble, Gelli Plate!

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At college we were provided with sheets of glass, black ink and a roller to create mono prints. The theme, Creation, was the brief and we explored these by drawing directly into the ink with ends of paintbrushes or our fingers. It was messy work, but fun.

Today, a Gelli plate arrived in the post. It’s thicker than I thought it would be and more versatile with acrylic paints. I found that the acrylic dried too rapidly on lino printing and sometimes the paper would stick where I didn’t want it to! I’ve invested in some block printing ink to continue with the lino when I’ve done some more cutting now that I have some more lino :-). In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you the cover I’ve created using the Gelli plate for my sketchbook and some postcards using leaves and grasses. What’s great about the plate is that there is no need to clean it each time and you can lay the card repeatedly onto the ink and gradually it becomes clean.

Also, in these photographs, you can see the result of my lino print for the ‘Wanderer in the Mists’ impression. I’m going to add another layer to this to present different distances on the top part of the picture where the man is standing.