Redbubble Shop and … Hares :-)

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Hi there.  Hope you’re all well.  Haven’t posted on WordPress for a while but I’m still adding to my portfolio of work.

Yesterday saw the launch of a range of my art on a variety of products from mugs and phone cases to leggings and greeting cards!  Why not take a look and see if there’s something there for you – perhaps a unique throw cushion or a scarf.  I will be uploading a few more images over the next few days, but it’s so nice to think that others will be able to enjoy some lovely creations I made with lino, on the gelliplate and while doodling highly patterned nature designs.

Best wishes to you all xx

The above print on recycled fabric was created by cutting an image in industrial lino (I had some offcuts) and then printing a texture using corn on the cob.  Sweet corn is fun to use as it makes a perfect shape for rolling in the ink without getting too messy!  I turned the design into a cushion cover with ties down the right hand side using small pieces of ribbon 🙂


Christmas Free Giveaway!!!!

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Hi there everyone! Today, we set up the works’ 7ft 6″ Christmas tree in the foyer and it really put me in the festive mood. I thought this would be a good opportunity to offer one lucky person the opportunity to win a limited edition lino/gelli print of a hare that I printed this evening (the paint is still drying!!!).
To enter, all you need to do is either visit my Facebook page and comment after the relevant post beneath the hare print OR if you don’t use Facebook, comment at the bottom of this blog post why you think you should win it and whether it would be for yourself or a gift for someone else by midnight Friday 12th December (all time zones). Please check back Saturday to see who has won and it will be posted hopefully for you to receive it before Christmas. Yay!


Happy days!! 🙂

Oh, and here is a picture of the lino cut in progress and its first inking 🙂


The inked up plate just before I took the first ever print of the hare 🙂

card ‘intaglio’ printing


Just for fun, I used some picture board card, drew out a basic outline of some woodland trees and a rabbit sitting on a swing at night.

If you’d like to try this yourself, simply score around the outline edge and peel off the top coloured layer of the picture board.


as you can see by this photograph, the creamy white layer is now showing as I peeled off the red.


I then rollered the block printing ink onto the surface and it caught some of the creamy backing.  If you don’t want this texture to appear, you will need to peel more of the underneath away.  I applied a wash of coffee to the trees and Beryl fibre tip pens for the other colours.


As this was the first print pull, I will adjust the background colours between the trees so that there is more blue showing.

Gelatin Plate Printing … Cows

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Cows. I like them. I think of the brown ones that swish their tails to bat away the flies. I think of the black and white ones that laze in the sun and twitch their ears, often decorated with yellow plastic tags: an animal equivalent earring.

I’ve made a cow print using the side of my hand, finger tips and palm and I’ve drawn these onto a Gelli-plate using cotton buds. The sketch illustrates what the cow looked like to start with …